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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grandmas recipes

I grew up in South America, in a big house where desserts where part of my daily life, my aunts owned an outside catering company, I cannot described the desserts they used to make. They each specialized in a different branch of pastry one in meringues, the other in dough’s, and the third in marzipan and fruits. You can imagine the amazing results when they worked together.

There was always a great mystery about the recipes, we tried to learn, however when we were around they always backed with great caution never showing real measurements. All these recipes came from my grandmother, a talented cook, I cannot say I remember her much, however the taste of her food and specially deserts are still in my mouth. After she died I came across her recipes, I literately won the lottery, thank G-d for cameras, I took as many pictures as I could in the 30 min they “allowed” me to read the famous “Golden book of recipes”.

Today, I came across the idea of starting a blog, in which I will share a recipe per week with pictures and stories. Each recipe has a story behind it, they may be funny, sad or instructive, however all will bring you the feelings of a little girl handling huge pots that now are no longer huge.

Hope to meet you somewhere along my journey.

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